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Online Registration

This page is for AFTER the free consultation with Kristi Balding, Owner of Main Street Music Studio. Please follow the instructions given at the consultation for easy online registration through TeacherZone.

Choose the Plan (Level)

If your student is a beginner and has been directed to KeyNotes Classes for 45-minute weekly lessons, please choose KeyNotes.


If a beginner in private lessons regular methods books, please choose Beginning & Elementary Levels for 30-minute weekly lessons.

If your student is at Intermediate or Early Advanced Levels, please choose Intermediate & Early Advanced Levels for 60-minute weekly lessons.


Select Your Matched Teacher

At your free consultation with Kristi Balding (Owner of Main Street Music Studio), you have been matched to a teacher and a lesson time. Please select the assigned Teacher from the dropdown list.


Choose Payment Method

Thirdly, you will select the payment method Credit/Debit Card. (Please note, EFT/ACH is not an option at MSMS.)



Once you click SIGN UP TODAY, you will be directed to the TeacherZone Registration page for your contact information and details. You can register as a "Family" so that you can add parent and child information at the same time.

NOTE: First you create a STUDENT LOGIN NAME and PASSWORD. Lower on the page, you will add a PARENT LOGIN NAME and PASSWORD which needs to be different (don't try to use the same one, it will respond that it is already in use).

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