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Private Lessons

Students in private lessons receive individualized instruction and practice plans. Students may have recordings and other supportive materials through their TeacherZone accounts.


With opportunities to excel and perform, students in private lessons are active participants in the Main Street Music Studio community!

Private lessons are available in piano, voice, songwriting, guitar, ukulele, and more!


Welcome to Pre-Notes, where the magic of music begins for your little ones! Our program is designed
exclusively for the curious minds of preschoolers, laying the foundation for a musical journey that lasts a
lifetime. Unlocking the Benefits of Early Learning: Pre-Notes is not just a piano prep program, it's an immersive experience crafted for our vibrant preschooler community. We understand the unique needs of young learners and have tailored our approach to develop essential skills, ensuring they are ready for the exciting world of piano learning.
Key Features are Rhythmic Foundations, Pitch Perfect Adventures, Patterns and Play, Sensory Symphony, Topic-Based Inspiration, and Musical Mindset.
At Pre-Notes, our highly creative and impactful classes go beyond traditional music lessons. Expect your child to be fully immersed in a world of singing, moving, tapping, playing, and crafting. Our classes are designed educationally and highly enjoyable for your little one. Join us on this musical journey, where every note is a step towards a future filled with the joy of playing the piano. Let the melody of learning begin!

KeyNotes Play!

Welcome to KeyNotes Play, where music meets autonomy, and older beginners embark on a musical
journey tailored just for them. Our program is designed for tweens and teens who are ready to explore the
world of music with a focus on independence, engaging challenges, and personalized growth.
Empowering Older Beginners with
Autonomy in Learning, Challenging Repertoire, Adaptable Pace, Tailored Instruction, Engaging for Tweens and Teens. The program goes beyond traditional methods to ensure that learning is not only effective but also engaging for this age group.
Join us at KeyNotes Play, where older beginners find their rhythm and grow as musicians in a supportive and adaptive environment. Enroll your tween or teen today and witness the transformative power of music tailored to their unique journey. Let the exploration of musical independence begin at KeyNotes Play!

Group Instrument Classes

Students in group lessons are given prescriptive and individualized instruction and practice plans. Students may have recordings and other supportive materials through their TeacherZone accounts. As students show proficiency, passion, effective practice, and advancing musicianship, they will be recommended for private music lessons in their instrument. With opportunities to perform, students in group lessons are active participants in the Main Street Music Studio community!

Little KeyNotes

Welcome to Little KeyNotes, where the world of piano unfolds through creativity and joy, tailored  specifically for your 4-5 year-olds. Our beginner piano program is not just about playing keys, it's a musical
adventure that sparks curiosity and sets the stage for a lifelong love of music.

Discover the Magic of Little KeyNotes: Engaging Learning, Creative Exploration, Games, Songs, Dancing, Note Mastery, and Technical Skill Development. Join us at Little KeyNotes, where every piano lesson is a step towards unlocking the potential of your child's musical abilities. Enroll today and witness the magic of their musical progression as they tap into the world of keys with joy, enthusiasm, and a new found love for music. Let the melody of learning continue at Little KeyNotes!


Welcome to the Connections Program, where versatility meets flexibility in a musical journey that accommodates a wide spectrum of skill levels. Our program is designed to be adaptable, making it an
excellent choice for mixed ability classes and providing a harmonious experience for adults and older learners with varying learning paces.
Discover the Harmony of Connections with Flexibility at its Core, Versatility in Learning,
Tailored for Adults, A Comprehensive Approach, in a Harmonious Learning Environment where participants inspire and support each other. The beauty of the program lies in its ability to unite individuals with diverse musical aspirations and abilities.
Join us in the Connections Program, where music's beauty and connectivity know no bounds.
Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, this flexible and versatile program is your gateway to a rich and rewarding musical experience.

Enroll today and let the harmonies of Connections resonate
through every step of your musical journey!

Intro to Music Classes

Periodically, we offer Intro to Music courses. For 4 weeks, Adults & Teens can take a small group lesson in Piano, Voice, and Songwriting. You can experience what lessons are like, and learn some basics to help you determine where you would like to go from here!


Welcome to Storytellers, where the magic of piano unfolds through an innovative and programmatic
curriculum designed to captivate young learners. Our approach goes beyond traditional piano lessons,
immersing students in a world where music becomes a language of character, mood, feelings, and
Embark on a Musical Journey with Storytellers through Relevant and Engaging Curriculum, Conveying Emotions through Music, Games and Songs, Building a Love for Playing, and Programmatic Learning.

Our curriculum is carefully structured to guide students through the foundations of piano systematically. This programmatic approach ensures a well-rounded understanding of musical concepts, building a solid foundation for future musical endeavors.
Join us at Storytellers, where every piano lesson is a chapter in a musical adventure. Enroll your child
today, and watch as they not only master piano fundamentals but also become storytellers through the
enchanting language of music. Let the journey of musical expression begin at Storytellers!


Welcome to the Foundations Program, where the musical journey evolves for elementary to intermediate players seeking to advance their piano skills. Our curriculum is meticulously crafted, with a focus on captivating topics like Music from the Movies, My Passport Adventures, and the vast wonders of Space. Dive into a world of solos, duets, and ensembles, where every performance skill is honed, and games, listening, and composition contribute to creating an impactful and inspiring learning experience by Unveiling the Foundations of Musical Progression, Topic-Based Exploration, Versatility in Performance, Comprehensive Skill Development, Impactful and Inspiring Curriculum. The Foundations Program is a journey that inspires and leaves a lasting impact. Each session is designed to ignite passion, curiosity, and a sense of accomplishment, making the process of progressing through piano skills both meaningful and enjoyable.
Join us at the Foundations Program, where musical exploration knows no bounds. Enroll today and let the magic of themed exploration elevate your piano journey to new heights!


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