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Hi! I'm Mr. Eli.

I have grown up learning and LOVING music. I started taking lessons from Miss Kristi when I was a little one (maybe 5 or even younger). She taught me so much about music and has kindled a lifelong love for all things music that I can’t wait to share with you too! A few fun things about me - I like to play anything that makes noise! I play piano, guitar, trumpet, euphonium, the didgeridoo, I could even play a spoon on a table. I’m looking forward to helping you learn and love music too!


Interested in lessons, or looking for more information? Complimentary consultations are available in person or through video chat!

During our consultation call, you will receive personalized recommendations for lesson frequency, preparation strategy, and goal setting. We can also discuss our studio policies, tuition, and registration next steps.

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